AVPro edge 18 Gbps HDMI 4K Scaler (Up/Down) + EDID Fixer [AC-SC1-AUHD]

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AVPro Edge's AC-SCl-AUHD is the ideal solution for integrators that need to distribute a signal to a variety of displays and keep an optimal picture. Integrators will enjoy its versatility of not only being able to control up/down scaling but han­dling EDID issues (including 4K HDR EDID's), image enhancement, and being able to access audio from the stream. This scaler is ready for future content as well as it's able to distribute 18Gbps signaling. Yet if you have 1080p displays the AC-SC1-AUHD will make sure it's getting the right picture.

This product works great alongside one of the AVPro Edge's Matrix's allowing yourself to give the customer the best resolution possible.

Full HDR Support: With a plethora of HDR EDID's to choose from, HDR is now able to be activated on capable displays no matter what the infrastructure requires. This allows flexibility in system design and allows you to maximize a budgets by providing HDR content where you want it.

4K-->1080P Down Scaling: This is possibly one of the most important features in the mixed system. Most AVR's, matrix switchers, and other peripherals do not have the ability to scale. Typically, 4K systems are limited to the maximum resolution of the cheapest or oldest display, which is normally 1080P. If you took the most expensive 4K matrix, you would still have to "dumb down" the entire system to be compatible. The AC-SC1-AUHD is the solution! Simply place the scaler in before the 1080P display/s and enjoy 4K content on the capable displays while keeping the same content on the 1080P display/s.

HDBaseT Compatibility Mode (HDBT-C): This EXCLUSIVE AVPro Edge technology will allow conversion of high bandwidth signals (between 9 Gbps - 18Gbps) like UHD Players, HDR Content, Gaming Systems, PC's, and Media Players. This type of conversion uses a proprietary algorithm that minimally impacts the original image, therefore, passing transmission of HDR and high bandwidth signals over long distance transmission devices like HDBaseT Extenders (AC-EX70-UHD). It also supports the use of a display that does not support 18Gbps. Best of all, this is managed on a per output basis which allows for complete control over what individual runs are "down-clocked".
1080P-->4K Up-Scaling: This feature combined with the image enhancement circuit will take those drab 1080P sources and dazzle on a 4K display. A 4K display will automatically upscale the picture to 4K (ultimately relying on a display component), however, it will not look as professional, had you used the AC-SC1-AUHD.

The Most Advanced EDID Management: There are 16 pre-loaded EDID settings from legacy technology (1080P) to full 4K and HDR Options. This is the only device that will provide this unique EDID combination. The AC-SC1-AUHD also has custom user EDID for future use, total customization and EDID bypass for using the sink EDID.

L/R Audio De-embedding: The AC-SC1-AUHD has an audio output which allows audio to be stripped anywhere in a system and re-routed to where it’s needed most. AC-SC1-AUHD units can be combined and multiple streams can be stripped from multiple outputs or sources. (PCM only, this does not downmix)

2K--4K Video Enhancement Circuit: Maximize the viewing experience when enabling this circuit! Legacy content will certainly be in every system these days, but this feature ensures that the best possible image is provided on the new 4K displays and projectors.

  • HDMI 2.0a w/HDR & HDCP 2.2
  • 4K-->1080P Downscaler
  • 1080P-->4K Upscaler
  • Plug & Play Auto Scaling & EDID
  • 16 EDID Options (Including Auto & HDR EDID Options)
  • Custom User EDID Option
  • L/R Audio De-embedding (PCM only, does not downmix)
  • Video Enhancement Circuit
Compatible with other AVPro Edge Matrixes.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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