About Us

Cleerline Technology Group is dedicated to providing system cabling, parts, and installation solutions to the Electronics Systems Contractor.  Cleerline Technology Group continuously examines evolving industry trends and the needs of the Electronics Installation Industry.  As a result, Cleerline provides unique solutions for dealers to maximize efficiency, complete system installations, and increase their company’s bottom line.

An Installation Cabling & Parts Supplier unlike any other:

  • Cleerline Technology Group operates industry-leading Planet Waves CI, Custom Install Supply, and Cleerline Fiber Optic Products.  These three offerings bring a rich history from the Electronic systems industry, Music industry, and Communications.  Our company has people who personally know what it takes to market, sell, design, order, and manage a business.  Focus on your business and let us provide you the parts and "tools" to get your systems installed and completed.
  • Cleerline offers a unique grouping of parts and supplies for your installation needs.  Plant Waves innovative cabling solutions and the revolutionary Cleerline Fiber Optic cable are both combined with Custom Install Supply’s thousands of installation parts.  We are constantly updating our offerings as we develop new products and solutions.  We also continue to add new items as requested by our customers or as they become available. 
  • Cleerline streamlines your ordering, eliminates hours of data entry, and the need to deal with countless vendors. Your technicians will no longer spend time running all over town to various suppliers and the local hardware store obtaining the parts and pieces to install your company's system installations. 
  • Cleerline strives to be your one-stop shop for all your cabling and installation parts needs.  If we do not have a part you need, let us know.  In many cases we are able to source the part and have it available to you and up on our website within the same day.
  • Cleerline provides solutions to the Consumer Electronics Industry.  No other supplier provides you with the innovative products and "tools" to get your jobs done and increase your bottom line.
  • Cleerline has over 60 years of combined knowledge in the Electronics Systems, Integration, Installation, and Telecom industries.  We have the experience in these industries and are here to provide real support, not just take your order.