CIS700704 Square Crimping Tool
Square Crimper, Ferrel Crimping Tool Used For 23-10 AWG..
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Single Insulated Wire Ferrules
Various gauges; refills for SK501 KitPart #ColorSizePin LengthAD02506Purple24 AWG6 mmAD10008Red18 AWG8 mmAT03403Pink22 AWG6 mmAD15008Black16 AWG8 mmAD60012Yellow10 AWG12 mmAD05008White22 AWG8 mmAW2500..
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SK301 Mini Kit - Twin Wire Ferrules
SK301 D Series Kit Contains ColorStripping LengthTD050082x0.50mm2 (2x22AWG)250Gray8mmTD100082x1.00mm2 (2x18AWG)200Black8mmTW250102x2.50mm2 (2x14AWG)100Gray12mm..
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SK501 Single Insulated Ferrules Kit
Part # Color Size Pin Length Quantity AD02506 Purple 24 AWG 6 mm 250 AD10008 Red 18 AWG 8 mm 150 AT03403 P..
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Twin Wire Ferrules
Various gauges; refills for SK301 KitColorStripping LengthWhite8mmGray8mmRed8mmBlack8mmBlue10mmGray12mm..
Options Available: 6
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