FG01019 IR MicroFlasher w/Infrared Blocker
Miniature sizeEasy hook-upSecure adhesive mountingOne MF1 required for each component you wish to controlTransparent to infrared lightLow profile, extremely small footprint10’ cable with 3.5mm plug fo..
Options Available: 1
Designer Emitters
Standard High Output Designer EmitterFeatures:Non-visible, or visible high-output versionsDeep purple Lexan™ shell Clear adhesive film included on emitter housing for a..
Options Available: 3
SmartPath Emitters
SmartPath Emitters
Unique EZ-Docker Holster for Holding the Emitter in Place and for Quick Removal When Changing Components for ServiceHolster Features Larger Surface Area Than Other Emitters for Better Adhesive Qualiti..
Options Available: 4
IR Receivers and Kits
Get the IR Receiver Kit that's right for the job!Hide the DVD Player and the Cable Box in another room for a clean looking installation. The only product seen is one of Xantech's discrete IR Receivers..
Options Available: 1
28DES Designer Emitter Shield Cover
Effective for covering component IR eyes for IR Shield cover for designer emitters..
Options Available: 1
IR Shield Emitter Cover
Prevents Unwanted IR Signals from Interfering with Other ComponentsFits Over Most SmartPath IR Emitters and Component IR Sensor WindowMay Be Trimmed to Fit a Components IR Sensor WindowDimensions: (H ..
Options Available: 1
CB18 "The Strip-IR" Parallel Connecting Block
Easily connects home run wires from multiple IR Receivers to the input High current design (12 Amps peak) allows amplifiers rated as high as 500 watts to be used with the CB18One-in eight-out or ..
Options Available: 1
IRE-KIT Custom Designed IR Kit
Custom designed IR Kit(1) 3.5mm Mono Plug 12ft(1) 3.5mm Mono Jack 6”(5) UY Crimp Caps..
Options Available: 1
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