DA and AD Converters
40TS-21200:Converts Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to analog L/R AudioSupports sampling rate at 32, 44.1, 48, and 96 KHz24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channelsProvides e..
Options Available: 3
Digital Audio Converters
CIS306510:Connection: RCA Digital Coaxial Female PortConnection: Toslink Digital Audio Female PortColor: GrayDigital coax (S/PDIF) to digital optical (Toslink) converter is a great unit if you have an..
Options Available: 2
280573 HDMI® Audio Extractor
Use to extract audio signals from an HDMI source Allows simultaneous output of toslink or coaxial digital and stereo 3.5mm analog audio signalsSupports 2.0CH/5.1CH audio switchSupports High Defin..
Options Available: 1
280584 1x4 Toslink Audio Splitter
Allows 1 Optical/Toslink source to be distributed to up to 4 Optical/Toslink outputsCompact size, plug and play unitEliminates the need of higher cost equipmentSupports fiber optic S/PDIF and AES3 for..
Options Available: 1
AC-ADM-AUHD 4K Digital/DTS Stereo Audio Decoder
This 4K UHD HDMI with Dolby® Digital/DTS® Stereo Audio Decoder supports the transmission of high bandwidth (18Gbps) video through HDMI, and allows the associated audio signal to be simultaneously extr..
Options Available: 1
AC-ADM-COTO Digital/Analog Audio Converter
The AC-ADM-COTO is a Universal Digital/Analog Audio Converter with Dolby® Digital & DTS® 2.0+. The output can convert Optical, Coaxial and analog audio signals. With the ability to convert digital..
Options Available: 1
AC-SC1-AUHD 4K60 Up-Down Scaler/EDID Fixer
AVPro Edge's AC-SCl-AUHD is the ideal solution for integrators that are needing to distribute a signal to a variety of displays and keep an optimal picture. Integrators will enjoy it's versatility of ..
Options Available: 1
AT-AD2 Optical/Digital Coaxial 2-Way Converter
Atlona's AT-AD2 Toslink/Coaxial Audio converter is a great little gadget for those who need to convert optical to coaxial or coaxial to optical or even input a single optical or coaxial and get both o..
Options Available: 1
AT-HD550 HDMI Up/Down Scaler/Converter
The AT-HD550 is a great solution for any multiple HDMI ready display set up. Display the range of different TV’s without the hassle of trying to manage different resolutions.HDMI Up/Down Scaler/Conver..
Options Available: 1
AT-HD570 HDMI Audio De-Embedder with 3D Support
The Atlona AT-HD570 is a professional quality HDMI Audio de-embedder.  Input an HDMI signal to the HD570 and it de-embeds the audio signal to either Optical or Multi-Channel analog audio outputs...
Options Available: 1
AT-HDR-M2C Audio Converter
The Atlona AT-HDR-M2C Multi-Channel Digital to Two-Channel Audio Converter is an audio converter for extracting and downmixing multi-channel PCM, Dolby®, and DTS® audio from HDMI® sources. It features..
Options Available: 1
TL-A8O-20W Audio Mixer/Amp
TL-A8O-20W Audio Mixer/Amp
TechLogix Networx
Flat panel televisions are great tools in today’s classrooms and conference rooms—costs have decreased, performance and reliability have increased, and they provide exceptionally high quality audio an..
Options Available: 1
TL-AD-HD2 HDMI Audio Decoder and Converter
So you just installed this awesome surround sound audio system. You fire up Boston “More Than a Feeling” and listen to the pounding sounds symphony from the speakers placed around the room. The bass s..
Options Available: 1
TL-INCT-01 In-line HDMI Controller/De-embedder
TL-INCT-01 In-line HDMI Controller & De-embedderYou just purchased your $2,000 display and installed it inyour boardroom—awesome. You ran your cabling and connected it to your boardroomtable conne..
Options Available: 1
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