1GHz 130dB Vertical Splitter
5-1000MHz 75Ω High isolation F-splitterVertical port design allows close mounting in lock boxes for easy access of cable connections90dB min. RFI shieldingEpoxy-sealed back-coverHigh-performance print..
Options Available: 2
5-2300 Mhz Splitters MoCA rated
Power passing splitters have a high performance printed-board circuitry and a vigorous epoxy sealed back cover. It has yellow-chromate plating, a zinc alloy cast housing and mounting tabs with screws...
Options Available: 5
MoCA-Rated Splitters with 1 Port Power Pass
SPLIT2 2-Way Splitter,1 Port Power Pass(MSPLIT2R1)(2-2150MHz) The SPLIT2 is a 2-way splitter that includes a power passing port and a grounding port. DirecTV™ approved.SPLIT4 4-Way Splitter,..
Options Available: 3
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