18G HDMI + Control over Fiber Distribution System
Forget traditional HDMI, fiber optic and twisted pair matrix switchers, TechLogix IPFO AV over IP encoders and decoders allow an unlimited number of sources to be connected to an unlimited number of d..
Options Available: 2
Ethernet to Fiber Media Converters
SFPs ARE NOT INCLUDED. All models other than FMC-10-100-SC20A-B require SFP modules.Ethernet to Fiber media converters, available in a variety of styles.  All switches are unmanaged.  ..
Options Available: 6
Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter/Switch
*SFP MODULES SOLD SEPARATELY.  Unit accepts Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet SFP Modules for Single Mode or Multimode Fiber*The FRM220-1000EAS/X dual channel Gigabit Ethernet is the most powerfu..
Options Available: 1
Inneos Real4K™ HDMI Fiber Optic Extender Kit
The Real4KTM HDMI Optical Cable is a turnkey HDMI 2.0 optical cable kit that provides full resolution, long distance Ultra High Definition 4K video transmission up to 18 Gbps enabling 4K video the way..
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Real4K HDMI Optical Extender w/ARC + IR
Inneos’ Real4K Optical Extenders are an addition to the Inneos product family with HDMI® technology, Audio Return Channel (ARC), and IR control.  Real4K Extenders convert electrical HDMI signals ..
Options Available: 2
Universal Fiber Converter
*SFP MODULES SOLD SEPARATELY.  SAME DATA RATE SFP MUST BE USED IN BOTH SLOTS*The core strength of FRM220-1000DS media converter is the ability to convert any signaling rate, from 155Mbps to 1.25G..
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USB Over Fiber Extender Set
USB Over Fiber Extender Set
TechLogix Networx
TechLogix USB over Fiber Extender Sets are available in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 stylesFeaturesIncludes a transmitter & receiverDuplex LC connector for multimode fiberCompatible with single mode fiber ..
Options Available: 2
TL-FO-DVI DVI over Fiber Optic Cable Extender
DVI cables are great for transmitting digital video signals short distances, but larger buildings and larger rooms often need electronics inline to ensure signal performance. Simply pulling a long DVI..
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