TVBU810 Universal 8 x 10 TV Box
Arlington's new TVBU810 TV Box delivers the ultimate in versatility for installing wall-mounted TVs in new or retrofit projects. There's more room in the box for wires. And, you can install it vertica..
Options Available: 1
Low Voltage with Power Boxes
Options Available: 2
Low Voltage Brackets
1009 Series:Designed for use with single or double gang openings for products such as Keystone wall plate outlets and volume controls. Features an open back and an integrated cable management system f..
Options Available: 5
Recessed Low-Voltage Mounting Brackets
Arlington's LVU series for new or existing construction is a recessed design that keeps low voltage connectors inside - without extending past the wall.Features:Type: Recessed Low Voltage Mounting Bra..
Options Available: 2
Recessed Indoor InBox™ for New & Retrofit
Arlington's recessed indoor IN BOX for new or old work allows LCD and plasma TV's to be placed flush against the wall. For power or low voltage, indoor IN BOX mounts securely to the stud (new construc..
Options Available: 2
TVB613 Recessed TV Box for Power and Low Voltage
Organizes power outlets and audio/video/data connections for easy installation.Recessed box that allows LCD/Plasma TVs or furniture to go flush against the wallPlugs stay inside the box does not exten..
Options Available: 1
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