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SSF™ Fiber + Power Bundled Cable
Cleerline SSF™
Model Number: SSF™ Fiber + Power Bundled Fiber
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Easily transmit both data and power with Cleerline SSF™ Fiber + Power cable. Featuring a two fiber micro distribution single mode OS2 or multimode OM3 fiber optic cable in zipcord construction with one 2 conductor 18 AWG copper cable. This cable is plenum rated.

SSF™ Fiber + Power cable simplifies installation by allowing power and fiber optic cables to be installed simultaneously. Ideal for flexibility in installation, this cable is an excellent solution for high-quality data

transmission and low voltage communication. The included SSF™ fibers feature patented polymer SSF™ coating for ease of installation and increased strength. The fiber optic cable contains water-blocking aramid yarns.


  • High mechanical strength
  • Superior fatigue and durability
  • Up to 10,000x the bend of traditional fiber
  • Integral SSF™ coating provides glass protection
  • Increased safety due to incredible bend insensitivity and durability
  • Exclusive 250 μm Soft Peel acrylate
  • Voice or data communications & video, flexibility in FTTH applications
  • Low voltage communications
  • Network and cameras requiring PoE