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Planet Waves
Model Number: SSFBT
Unit of Measure: Each


Planet Waves Universal Stripping tool is designed to be used on all Planet Waves Universal connectors including F, BNC and RCA. 

Two step stripping tools typically create a painful process of exposing the coaxial dielectric followed by pushing and twisting of an F connector onto the cable in order to "prep" it for crimping via a costly crimping tool.

Through the use of Planet Waves one step strip tool (Part #SSFBT) the coaxial jacket, shield, and insulator are cut and removed in a single step leaving just the copper center conductor exposed and prepped to correct length for the connector. The Coaxial cable is then simply inserted into the Universal F connector. The quick and easy process is completed by tightening down the patented screw that cuts the jacket to complete the connection while holding the connector securely in place. 

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