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TL-FO-DVI DVI over Fiber Optic Cable Extender
TechLogix Networx
Model Number: TL-FO-DVI
Unit of Measure: Kit


DVI cables are great for transmitting digital video signals short distances, but larger buildings and larger rooms often need electronics inline to ensure signal performance. Simply pulling a long DVI cable or connecting multiple DVI cables together can cause signal drop out, interference, pixelization and a host of other signal and performance problems. 

The TL-FO-DVI replaces a traditional DVI cable with active electronics designed specifically for sending video signals up to 1,000 feet. Simply connect the TL-FO-DVI transmitter to your source device (often a switcher, matrix, video processor or computer), connect the TL-FO-DVI receiver to your destination device (often a display or projector), connect the two units with a fiber optic patch cord (sold separately), and connect the power supplies. 

Unlike boosters or twisted pair extenders, the TL-FO-DVI uses fiber optic technology that is immune to outside electrical interference and will better future-proof your facility.


  • Transmit DVI over a fiber optic patch cable
  • Extend 1080p video up to 1,000 ft. (300m.)
  • Extend 1920x1200 video up to 1,000 ft. (300m.)
  • LC connectors on both the transmitter and receiver
  • Male DVI connectors for direct connection to devices
  • Single or multimode fiber compatible
  • Powered via USB or standard AC
  • Single fiber cable transmission
  • Immune to RF and EM interference


TL-FO-DVI Specifications Sheet