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TL-AD-HD2 HDMI Audio Decoder and Converter
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Model Number: TL-AD-HD2
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So you just installed this awesome surround sound audio system. You fire up Boston “More Than a Feeling” and listen to the pounding sounds symphony from the speakers placed around the room. The bass sounds great and the equalization is perfect. Life is good.

Wouldn’t it be great if Brad Delp’s sweet lyrics could be broadcast throughout the rest of the building? Maybe a little overflow audio into the second conference room? Good luck…

Surround sound is great for in-room applications, whether in a home theater, conference room, church, or auditorium. It’s not so great for overhead speakers or room-to-room distribution. So how do you handle connecting multichannel audio systems to traditional audio distribution?

Meet the TL-AD-HD2—it’s the greatest thing since Boston’s debut in the seventies. The TL-AD-HD2 converts digital audio to analog audio and decodes multichannel audio to stereo audio. It essentially changes your audio format so a single facility, system or building can have both a multichannel zone and stereo audio zones.


  • Decodes audio from the HDMI stream
  • Dolby & DTS decoding
  • 7.1 & 5.1 multi-channel audio conversion to stereo audio
  • HDMI, digital audio & analog audio outputs
  • HDMI 2.0
  • HDCP 2.2

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